April 27, 2020

MyFree Cam Review

MyFree Cam allows you to use your mobile phone camera to make personal videos for your friends and family. It can capture an image of your screen while your message is playing, so that you can have a copy of the recorded video saved onto your phone. So why bother with costly video cameras?

Why not purchase your own camera?

Why not purchase your own camera?

If you already have a smart phone, the answer is easy: You probably already have a camera installed on your phone. For a lower cost and higher quality picture and sound, buy a device with a built-in camera – you will get great results and do not need to worry about extra components or accessories.

What if you’re already carrying a pocket laptop or tablet? That may be a good opportunity to get yourself a professional cam. As long as you have a microphone and speaker, there is no reason why you cannot record with your phone. You just have to get familiar with the functions and settings of the device.

I used an Apertus Handbag Cam for years, as did my husband. I always had to carry a small notebook to make sure I’d recorded all the important information on my memory card. (Even though this is what you get with the camera.)

There was nothing more distracting than the “regular background noise” of the phone. The sound would randomly stop and sometimes even start during a video. Add the scratchy quality of the tiny microphone, and it was difficult to hear the recording clearly.

Why is it useful to make live broadcasts?

Useful to make live broadcasts

With my “regular” camera, I rarely got a clear view of the video, because the phones’ videos were so dark. I could see the blurring, but sometimes it was difficult to tell what I was seeing in the video.

After years of using the Apertus Handbag Cam, I gave up on the technology. I switched to a Hero and now have a clearer, crisper video.

Nowadays, you can use MyFree Cam to create YouTube videos, with picture and sound. This is convenient, but comes at a cost. After all, the price is a bit higher than the other cameras, and you must also buy a little memory card to store the video.

MyFree Cam has a feature called “ticker”. This can be useful if you want to make live broadcasts of your recordings onto your MyFree webcam feed.

What are the important moments in a group event?

The important moments in a group event

Most people use MyFree Cam for recording their interviews with a family member, or the important moments in a group event. This will help you maintain a consistent style of voice. If you were to record yourself talking, you would hear the same voice every time.

I don’t know if the small memory of the MyFree Cam is enough to hold a high quality recording. I know that I prefer my full sized cameras to the smaller ones.

There are other cameras available today that are superior to MyFree Cam, but they cost more than $100. The only way to determine if a device is worth your money is to try it. The Mini MyFree Cam is easy to use, and great for family and friends.

written by Earl Washington - Posted in MyFree Cam