February 27, 2020

We take a cash loan at Good Finance, i.e. a man comes to the facility

We assume – I think correctly – that what annoys us can piss off anyone. We offer you TIPS and solutions that you can use to simplify or shorten the waiting time for the offer. We advise on how to approach the subject wisely. The first thing to do is a cash loan from Good Finance.

We decided to start with Good Finance because you are very eager to choose this offer. That is why our editorial colleague sent the application using the E-Credit comparison tool – in exactly the same way as you do. Of course, we did not inform Good Finance that we would test them.

Credit at Good Finance – I’m sending the application … and what next?

Credit at Good Finance - I

The notification was forwarded to the bank on Monday, around 1:00 PM, and a bank helpline called back a quarter of an hour later.

  • consent for verification in Credit Checker (verification was carried out during the interview and the report was sent to an advisor in the branch);
  • consent to verification in the BIG databases (the bank has sent queries to the databases);
  • source of earning income (in the case of a sole proprietorship, company data was needed, including NIP and REGON, but the consultant checked them himself in CEIDG);
  • data from the ID card (ID number and date of issue – all you need to know is the data because the document was only verified at the branch);
  • the amount of income (it was enough for E-Money to inform the consultant about the amount of his earnings);
  • monthly expenses (the bank asked about E-Money’s expenses, not the entire household. Declaration was enough);
  • no arrears with ZUS, US or other institutions;
  • is E-Money not bankrupt;
  • liabilities (including, inter alia, the date of conclusion and repayment of the housing loan – a month and a year were sufficient);
  • consent to grant access to electronic banking (refusal);
  • consent to telephone authorization of orders (refusal);
  • consent to marketing the bank and other entities (refusal).

Interview with a Good Finance consultant

Interview with a Good Finance consultant

The consultant our friend came across was very competent – a big plus. He knew the offer and the process well , he spoke freely. He did not suggest additional products and did not pressure him to take a loan, but he used his interest and understood the intention well – he led E-Money through the entire process of applying for a loan at Good Finance. After the initial credit decision, he chose the nearest branch and arranged for our tester to meet with an advisor.

Unfortunately, there were some minor technical problems – you apologized for the long time of waiting for the data to be loaded into the banking system. Ultimately, however, after 40 minutes on the phone, E-Money’s request was directed to the branch.

Parameters of the offer selected by E-Money (confirmed by the bank’s hotline consultant)

  • Loan amount requested: USD 15,000
  • Loan period: 24 months
  • Interest rate on the E-Credit website: 8.99%
  • Bank commission: 4.99%
  • APRC: 15.11%
  • Insurance: not required
  • Installment amount: USD 721.26
  • Credit cost: USD 17 310

I received information from a consultant to talk about a price offer in a branch, because a new customer may receive better conditions than those presented on the portal. I was asked to bring my ID and bank statement confirming the receipts for the period of 6 months.

Interestingly – we sent as many as four contact requests to Good Finance, just a few days apart. All through the E-Credit comparison engine . These reports were handled by the bank helpline in very different ways and only in one case did the consultant conduct a detailed analysis – check the offer, verify the client in Credit Checker and collect the data necessary to process the application.

A visit to the Good Finance facility


Our colleague was directed to the Wroclaw branch of Good Finance. After the conversation, he received a message confirming the date and location.

After 50 minutes from the end of the conversation with the consultant, E-Money received a phone call from the adviser. The lady confirmed the meeting once again and asked to bring her an ID card. Unfortunately, she did not yet know the course of the conversation or the arrangements with the hotline, therefore, to facilitate (and speed up the process) E-Money informed her that he would bring a personal account statement with him to the meeting. The adviser asked for 3 months (although the helpline had previously informed that a certificate for 6 months would be required).

At the beginning of the meeting in the facility, the lady asked our tester for proof and checked his application in the system. She started by updating marketing consents, which were marked with “no” in the system.

written by Earl Washington - Posted in Cash Loans